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Sanibel Island draws avid birders from around the world every year. The island’s variety of habitats are home to over 240 species of birds! These different habitats are all located within Sanibel Island and include freshwater wetlands, mangrove stands, beaches, dune and coastal ridge woodland.

Sanibel Island’s location is perfect for migratory birds, which make the island their temporary home during the long voyages between the northern and southern hemispheres.

Here is a list of birds to see on Sanibel Island (depending on the time of the year)

Sanibel Island Birds

Pelicans & AlliesHerons, Egrets and Allies
Plover, Sandpipers & AlliesIbises, Spoonbill and Storks
WaterfowlVultures & Hawks
Gulls, Terns and SkimmersPigeons and Doves
GoatsuckersGallinules & Coots
WarblersMartins & Swallows
Jays & CrowsWrens
TanagersNew World Finches
Blackbirds, Grackles, and OriolesCowbirds
Mockingbirds & ThrashersNorthern Finches
Old World SparrowsWaxwings

For more information on birding and Sanibel Island wildlife please visit the J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge