Sanibel Island is a bicycle-rider’s paradise. Why? For one, being a sub-tropical island surrounded by the mild Gulf of Mexico means every season is bike season on Sanibel. Haven’t ridden a bike in years? You’re in luck; the island is fairly flat, so there are no hills to struggle up, making a trip around the island possible even if you are not looking for exercise. Third, with more than 26 miles of bike trails (mostly paved), your pedal-driven adventure begins right outside the door of your resort and goes just about everywhere on the island  – without mixing it up with vehicle traffic!

Actually, most riders return refreshed and relaxed, because of the unique perspective bicycle travel affords – especially on Sanibel.  Compared to touring by car, a bike ride lets you experience so much more of the island’s natural beauty. When you slow down you’ll notice more birds, more colorful lizards, or more blooms on more plants you hadn’t noticed before.  Each of these experiences enriches your Sanibel Island vacation and helps you truly be “in the moment.” Who knew that it takes a bicycle to reach nirvana? Well, we can’t actually guarantee higher consciousness, but we’ll be glad to rent you a bike so you can give it a try!

Whether you rent a bike from Island Inn or bring your own, you will find plenty of like-minded company.  Sanibel even boasts its own bicycle club, which meets at least once a week for group rides around the island. This is not a racing team, so fear not; groups split off for rides of varying length and pace.

Sanibel Island encourages cycling. Unlike many suburban trails on “the mainland” Sanibel’s bike paths take you to the grocery store, the post office, shopping destinations, restaurants and neighborhoods along with the more secluded routes you might expect. Since the island is only a few miles long, there are very few destinations “too far” to bike to, even if you are in a hurry. The popularity of cycling is one of the reasons you’ll notice a lot less vehicle traffic on Sanibel than other vacation destinations.  With no traffic light and a maximum speed limit of 35 mph, Sanibel has a well-deserved reputation as a haven for cyclists.

As Sanibel’s oldest resort, Island Inn has relaxation down to a science. And like most worthy pursuits, true relaxation, true vacation, is a multi-faceted pursuit. In other words, we know you want to come here to sit on the beach. By all means, we want you to sit on the beach, but we also know that mixing it up with fine dining, shopping and touring will make your stay even more enjoyable. Go on, grab a bike and tour Sanibel!