Are vacations relaxing? They’re supposed to be, but are they really?  How many times have you heard people say they are worn out from being on vacation? Although we would like to think we have a magic recipe for relaxation here at The Island Inn on Sanibel, the truth is we see plenty of vacationers who have a hard time relaxing and letting themselves unwind.

Type A? – Leave it At Home

Does the word “Bluetooth” loom large in your life? Are you stressed about being ready to go on vacation or how quickly it’s approaching? Do you have “just a few” conference calls scheduled while you’re away? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might have a hard time relaxing on vacation!

If you are a Type A, connected, get-it-done person, use your personality to your advantage and set yourself the goal of having a restful holiday. When you target your energy toward a conflict-free vacation schedule, you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment, as well as uninterrupted leisure time. Planning to be absent from your busy life or work schedule is as important as the work itself. Ask yourself: “What will make this vacation successful?” Write down your ideas and pick out some activity (or inactivity!) that will fulfill the requirement. Most likely, there are many things you can do before you leave that will help, such as: clear your work calendar, notify clients or customers that you will be out of reach, arrange to record favorite Flatscreen HD TV shows while you’re on vacation so that breaking your routine becomes easier.

Find What You’re Looking For

Another important strategy for unwinding on vacation is to set reasonable expectations. As a driven person, you might have a mental picture of what “relaxation” looks like that doesn’t match up with reality. A week at the beach won’t completely change your personality, nor will it transform your mood as soon as your toes hit the sand. Give yourself time to start noticing the differences – how the air feels, what the bright stars in the clear night skies look like, the leisurely accommodations. Observe how you react to the person renting bikes, or the waiter at the restaurant – is this your business persona? Or is the real you starting to peak through? Smile like you mean it and you might start to feel it; you’ve got to practice relaxation, just as you would practice a sport. Luckily, the Island Inn at Sanibel is a great place to practice!