As a Sanibel beachfront resort, the Island Inn obviously cares a lot about the state of our beach. We want it to be clean, and it is, but that doesn’t mean it should be tidy! We’re a traditional place – we’ve been providing Sanibel Island vacation lodging on this property since 1895 – but one tradition we don’t practice is raking up the bits of seaweed and sea grasses that come ashore with the waves. Those organic materials are an important part of the island’s ecosystem, supporting birds, plants and other wildlife our guests expect and deserve to experience.

That’s why we at the Island Inn jumped at the chance to host a series of guided beach walks, conducted by the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF). Our guests understand and appreciate the genuine approach to conservation and preservation that Island Inn practices, but they are often curious “exactly what is that?” next to their towel on the sand.

The walks are free, and will be led by an experienced guide from SCCF. You won’t need to take notes and there won’t be a test, but you’re still likely to learn something about this majestic natural resource and gain a deeper appreciation for keeping it around.

Four dates are planned so far in 2013, but check the Island Inn “Island News” page for updated information. All walks start at 10 a.m. in the Island Inn parking lot.

Join us: February 12, February 26, March 5 and March 9.

No reservations are required, but come prepared with sunblock, a hat, water and a camera! Once you’ve completed the walk, we invite you to share your photos with us on Facebook!