Shelling on Sanibel Island draws thousands to the island every year. One look at our beautiful beaches and their abundance of shells explains why. Island Inn is strategically located at the outer point of the Sanibel Island barrier reef, where birds, shells and miles of sandy beaches are found in abundance. Spectacular, world-class shelling is the number one reason shellers visit the historic Island Inn. Every shell is different and the temptation to collect them all is not uncommon. But as guests get into the groove, their shelling becomes more sophisticated and they realize it might just be necessary to return next year to seek the prized and elusive Junonia, Alphabet Cone or Lion’s Paw.

There is an interesting condition described by the locals as the “Sanibel Stoop”. Some shellers wade out a few feet from shore and stoop in the water and wander down the beach until their pockets and buckets are filled with lovely shells. Shellers love to display their shells to young and old alike. That’s how new shellers are recruited. Whether your reason for coming to Florida is shelling, birding or beaching, visit and see why people with these passions have for generations chosen Sanibel and its historic Island Inn!

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For years, Pam Rambo has combed the local beaches of Sanibel Island, building her collection and fostering her love for shells. Pam doesn’t limit herself to shells found locally, she and her husband travel the world seeking out seashell treasure.


The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

The Bailey-Mathews National Shell Museum boasts a huge collection of the beautiful seashells found on Sanibel Island. This museum also has a schedule chock full of tours, learning activities, guest speakers and more!