I-Nature Trail at J. N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge is breaking ground on the technology front with the roll-out of the new i-nature trail.  The i-nature trail utilizes Quick Response Code Technology (QR Codes) to provide an interactive learning experience for visitors touring the refuge.  This type of technology is a first in the more than 550 National Refuges across the nation.

Wondering how the QR code technology works?  QR codes are placed along Wildlife Drive trail and can be easily accessed by trail goers driving, biking or walking.   To use them you must have a smart phone and have downloaded a QR code reader app.  Popular free QR code apps are the  QR Reader and NeoReader.  Once you download the reader simply open the app and take a picture of the code and let your phone do the rest.  The phone treats the code like a link and will bring you to a You Tube video or an informative webpage in the smartphones browser.

For more information see the video below: