Are you headed for the beach? A Florida vacation may be just the thing. Any beach will do, right? Well, we’d hate for the secret to get out, but a lot of people think there is no substitute for a Sanibel beach. Arthur Frommer agrees, he rated Sanibel Island as his top vacation destination … in the world!

That’s quite an honor, but if you go to Sanibel, you won’t notice a lot of glitz, glam or attitude. So what’s all the fuss about this little stretch of sand along the vast Florida Gulf coast? Like the porridge in the Three Bears, Sanibel Island is just right. It is far enough South, and far enough out in the Gulf to be a preferred stop for hundreds of migratory bird species as they make their seasonal runs between the American continents.  It is far enough North to capture the rich waters of the northern Gulf currents as they sweep southward – teeming with an amazing variety of fish that shelter near the island and bay, and shelled creatures that wash up on the beach. Sanibel is just simply in the right place. And, fortunately, because of our climate, any time of the year is the right time!

As small as Sanibel and Captiva are, we realize that still leaves you a lot of choices for your Florida beach vacation; there are many wonderful places to stay on Sanibel and Captiva! As the longest-serving resort on the island, we hope you’ll consider the Island Inn for your lodging, just as travelers to southwest Florida’s beaches have been doing since 1895.

From your home base at the Island Inn, you are beachfront. So if sunbathing, walking the shoreline, shelling, swimming or sitting poolside is on your to-do list, you are set.  Or, rent a bike and you’ll have easy 10-minute access to the charming shops in the town of Sanibel. Also just outside the resort grounds is access to the extensive bike path network that crisscrosses the island. You can even bicycle through the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, the most extensive undeveloped barrier marshland remaining in Southwest Florida. This natural wonder is home to thousands of birds and aquatic species, some quite rare outside of this protected habitat.

Like many of our guests say, a Florida beach vacation on Sanibel is so much more than just the beach!