Have you ever planned a vacation? If you have, you know that you build up expectations about how it will look; you picture yourself in the surroundings.  Researching hotels, checking out long-range weather forecasts, making lists of attractions and accommodations – inevitably paints a picture in your mind before you even pack your bags. Your imagination builds a narrative of the experience you (and whomever will accompany you) are about to have. What story has your mind built around your vacation? Among all the Sanibel Island hotels you could choose from, historic Island Inn Beachfront Resort is dedicated to making sure that perfect picture you painted in your mind’s eye comes to life once you arrive.

So, how do you start planning? Let’s assume you are headed to the beach. That doesn’t narrow it down much, as there are 2,276 miles of beaches in Florida alone! Perhaps you want to be able to swim comfortably in the water and stretch out in the warm sunshine? Sounds like the southern Gulf, with its calm, warm and clear waters and 300+ sunny days every year. What else are you picturing? Tall condos and crowded beaches, or a spacious private beach in a natural setting? If you lean toward the latter, you have narrowed your choices considerably! Does the island lifestyle appeal to you? Sanibel Island offers many hotel choices and practically idealizes the Florida island lifestyle, with no traffic lights and a low population – even in peak season. The controlled development on Sanibel and neighboring Captiva Island means that nature dominates – not only on our unspoiled beaches but also in the fact that more than half of the island’s land area is a nature preserve – the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

As you continue creating the picture for the setting of your trip to Sanibel Island, you’ll still have to choose among the dozens of hotels and other lodging choices available. The perfect setting is what you have in mind, but how to select, when all of the hotels, cottages, resorts, inns and condos on Sanibel Island claim to be the best?

Fortunately, your answer is right there on the map. There aren’t many roads on Sanibel Island, but one of them is called Island Inn Road. Since 1895, people have been coming to Sanibel Island to get away from it all, and Island Inn is where they have done it. Fortunately, over the decades Island Inn’s owners have continually updated as needed and expanded with careful planning, also playing an active role in making sure the island keeps development to a minimum.

Island Inn offers eleven accommodation styles to choose from including spacious and flexible cottages, suites, rooms and lodges. The variety of choices ensures that, no matter your travel style or preferences, Island Inn has you covered. All four of the resort’s buildings are sited carefully within Island Inn’s 10-acre property with no roads, gates, catwalks or jetties separating you from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are a lot of hotels on Sanibel Island, but there is only one Island Inn!